Tuesday 26 September 2006

Gone in an instant

My neighbours house has gone! (front door still standing on left)

It was there 2 days ago. I thought they were doing it up as there was a fancy new stove and new doors. They seemed to be doing a new roof too. But when I went round to get berries and check my plant pots the house wasn't there, just piles of debris lying on the spot where the house was. That's the freaky thing about a mobile home, they can knock them down in an hour or two.

Worried about what will replace it (and who?). It was an L shaped house so it allowed lots of light into my South windows in winter, but any new house will be a full rectangle, no more sunny winter days :0( They also tend to put new houses further off the ground which means even less sunlight and a big chance of a huge window looking right into the main body of my house. I guess I'll have to prioritise the fence and trellis I've always wanted there.

Cute pic of a baby in turquoise fancy dress fluff here.

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