Thursday 12 April 2007

Black white red

I crave balance, so to balance all that pink and a lack of art, I had to post this pre-draft that was meant to go out exactly one month ago...

I adore this pencil drawing by Valerie Demianchuk,
Untitled (rootball) 2000.

These prints by Jungjin Lee are really beautiful up close.
I love printmakers who can capture simple images this beautifully.

Two wonderful wire dress works by Keysook Geum.
I particularly love
this one, this one and this one.

Rings 'red rose' and 'orchid' from Susanne Klemm's Seasons range.

Harry Geffert 'Six O'Clock' 2003 and 'Tide Pool' 2005

Paper work by Edgar Cobian.
You need to visit the site to see the detail on this properly.

More art/design to come soon, I just stopped cause I was doing too much of it for a while there, you know me and my phases.


Anonymous said...

You win the award for the most stunning images ever to grace a blog...You get them and put them all here in a perfect way.....And, lovely places to visit too......Hmmmmm, this blog is soooooooooo good. Just like its owner! Wonderful, lovely, sweet, caring, and dairy free to boot!!!! xxo,V

Anonymous said...

You find the most unique things, how do you do it? I am amazed by the wire dresses, adorable jewellery by Susanne and intriguing sculptures by Harry. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love Keysook Geum, I wish I could own one. and paper cuts always blow me away - I wish I could do it!

julie said...

such good good links - LOVE the work of Harry Geffert!!

Anonymous said...

The wire work dresses (among other things) are just rad.

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