Sunday 8 July 2007

An entire dry day!

That's more like it, 10pm sky in July and no rain for a whole day. Shame the weather folk said there would be showers, I could have got some washing done if I'd known it would be hot and dry and windy. Instead, I obsessively unscrewed kitchen gadgets that had been stored in the back of Mr P's cupboards so that I could evict the tiny tiny tiny spiders that had set up home inside them. Who could blame them, some of those things hadn't been used for 3 years.

Last week

The things I'll do to take my mind of food cravings. I'm having to go on a pretty serious allergy detox/elimination diet to try and figure out what has been making me sick recently (well, sicker than what I already was). So no naughty treats like chocolate covered sesame snaps. I'm generally wheat free but not always gluten free cause I eat ryvita and oatcakes. I'm dreading the return to only having rice cakes now (the other suitable things are too pricey for me, or too tasty so they don't last). I'm slightly worried that rice and nuts seem to be causing problems recently. But for now I'm just cutting the ones I'm sure of. If there is no improvement in a month I'll try the others.

Last week

I had to go through the cupboards double checking the ingredients on the things I use and sure enough there were offending ingredients hidden in the things I use like my corn syrup (has malt from barley = gluten) and to my soya margarine had bloomin' dairy in it! Mr P bought that one so he's not used to label checking. Lucky I never use it much. Did I talk about the margarine already? This memory thing is freaking me out. The irony is, it's only 2 months since I applied to do voluntary work with Alzheimers patients.

Last week

So anyway, once I started looking in the cupboards I couldn't stop hence the discovery of the spidery gadgets. After the eviction there was some intense washing with lots of vinegar (kills bacteria). I have to be in the right mood for that sort of obsessive cleaning, and today I really was, I think because of the sunshine, it was like getting the spring cleaning urge. My hands, which are normally rough from gardening, are now the softest they have ever been in my adult life. Vinegar is such great stuff. I buy it in big 5 litre bottles for cleaning, chemicals are not given shelf space in this house. There's not much you can't clean with vinegar, bicarb or lemon, and for the rest there's Ecover.

Last week

Another benefit of intense washing was that the warm water really eased my aching hands and wrists after my mini drama yesterday where I locked all my different sets of keys inside my shed! The torrential rain appeared suddenly and before running to the house I closed the shed door and clicked the padlock shut - then yowled as I realised what I had done. Because I was pet sitting everywhere I had lots of keys with me so I couldn't feed anyone's animals without them. Mr P was away at a school reunion so no hope of getting into the house later on both our houses were locked.

I had to borrow a rusty almost blunt hacksaw off a neighbour and stand in highly inappropriate clothing (it had been very hot and sunny before the rain) hacking at the padlock for half an hour before I managed to cut through. I tell you, if ever there was a reason to treat myself to a naughty snack that would have been it, but I was good, I resisted temptation! This morning when I woke my body had seized up completely. I t took 4 hours to get enough movement to go and pee (too much detail, I know). I won't be locking my keys in the shed again.


Susan Schwake said...

truly something that i would do. keys. ... argh! but the beautiful 10 p.m. skies of your country SIGH!
yeah for clear weather. it's all blown away here... rain on and off now it is for us here!
your beautiful metal work is so inspiring. thank you always for sharing that!
p.s. sorry about the expedit. what to do? i dragged them out from a yoga studio which was getting rid of them. freeand recycled is a good.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cally, sweet Cally. What will you eat in the end? I fear, I might have to make you fantasy air queen cakes and such... My poor girl.... And the key situation?? Just hideous!!! Oh, there there.. it will be better one day.... I hope? See, I am not the best girl to hang around with for making you feel better, I love dwellling in the gloom from time to time... hahahaha. Sorry I have not been a good visitor but, well, I have been painting. So, you see, it was slight abandonment in the name of ART. xxooo

EL PADRONE said...

Only 7th ? Guess that'll have to do.

And I thought it always rained in Edinburgh. I had a Scottish girlfriend for 3 years ( about 20 years ago) so I spent many happy hours up there and in and around Aberdeen.

When we split up I swore I'd never set foot in Scotland again but I've been back there twice in the last 2 or 3 years.

I think I've still only seen one sunny day though!


Ruth Singer said...

gosh, my sympathy with the keys. It's a horrible sickening feeling isn't it? I had to break a door down earlier in the week, having done something similar!

Anonymous said...

A hacksaw? My my, what an adventure you had! If I were you I'd probably drive a car through the shed--I'd be that desperate!

And I bet you'd look twice again before ever letting those keys get out of sight! :D

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