Sunday 1 July 2007

Searching for a food blog

Calling all food blog readers. Have you seen a blog that is vegetarian, gluten free AND dairy free? It needs to be all three, not just one or two of those things.

*UPDATE* Alisa from Moove Over Milk dairy free blog (thank you so much) has given me two wonderful links that perfectly fit my criteria: The Gluten Free Vegan (USA) and The Gluten Free Vegan Blog (Australia) which are both excellent and which both have further links, recipes or flickr photo's to visit. Silly me, because I chose to be Veggie, but am allergic to dairy I never think of myself as Vegan (trust me, milk chocolate and the occasional cheese or ice-cream still pass my lips) so I had never entered gluten free and vegan into google. Daft me, I would have found these sooner if I'd only thought.

I would still like to hear of any UK Gluten Free Vegan bloggers as many of our ingredients or alternative products differ from those available on other continents (or are expensive imports). Anyone who has worked with alternatives will know that they are definitely not all created equal.

*Blogger being weird* some of my links won't work, I've tried reposting but no joy. Will try again later today.

On entirely different topic
this sounds like it'll be interesting to watch.


Anonymous said...

I was on the anti-candida diet for 2 years and (vegetarian to start with) I cut out: all sugars (inc. fruit), wheat, oats, dairy... I ate a lot of plain beans. I should have thought to start a food blog, but oh my! The dullness of it!

As much as I hate the woman (she was my nutritionist for one of those two years) Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook is quite useful ( And the diet helped me massively. And I do want to start following the principles again now I've had my time of rebellion(oh, the chocolate!). Maybe we should start our own food blog!

Cally said...

Hi Sarah,
Oh my sympathies go out to you, I thought I had it tough when I was on the anti-endometriosis diet but I was at least allowed fruit in moderation.

I did try the no fruit thing for candida when I was at college, but at the time I didn't know about my wheat and dairy allergies/intolerance so I was forever being naughty with both and making things worse.

Loved choc and toast too much, so no wonder my candid was so bad. It's been fine since being on the anti Endo diet.

Next time I'm in town I'll have a read of that book (no cash to buy, hence part of the desire for a blog).

If I was healthier and had more time/energy I would consider doing a food blog for very restricted diets as clearly there is a gap in the blog market. But to be honest, I can barely maintain my own blog right now. I just keep at it for my sanity while all around me falls apart (literally in the case of my house).

Alisa said...

There are a couple that I known of:

The site I work on has a lot of dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free items and recipes on it (as noted), but is only 100% dairy-free -

Ursula Achten said...

Sorry, I don't know any blog, but would like to support you with some recipes for a start....
There's a good book in German on this allergy/intolerance theme which helped me through some years but it is not available in English.
So, if you like, I would send you some recipes!

Cally said...

BINGO these are perfect!!! Thank you so much. If you ever come across any UK ones do let me know.

Thanks for the offer, I would have said yes but it looks like the two links above are exactly what I need. I'd be interested to know what your recipes are for in case it's things I haven't tried. Be warned though, I hate anything pickled, particularly gherkins which seemed to be in a lot of German veggie things I tried to eat.

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a vegetarian cookbook since for some reason, the food always look more delicious and I love incorporating nuts etc into food. Not sure if it is gluten and dairy free though...either way, it looks like you found your links. Good luck!

Marraine said...

Hi, Cally, I know this french blog:
but all in french, you will have to use a translator tool. Have a nive evening, Delphine

Janet said...


So frustrating! I feel your pain. I don't know of any places in the UK, but there is a wonderful bakery in New York, which would satisfy your sweet tooth. I heard they are coming out with a cookbook for those who can't make it to the Big Apple.

Cheers, Janet

Susan Schwake said...

KHOLORABI! oh my stars! our favorite veggie, right here featured on your delish blog today! yeah! glad you found some vegan bloggers... creative kismet is one too... maybe you have already been there though?
happy monday!

Ursula Achten said...

Here, for a start is some

mix 100g of peeled or unpeeled( tastes stronger)raped almonds with 300ml of water.
Mix at highest speed for about one minute.
Fill up with water to 500ml.
Boil the almond-milk and add 40g corn- or rice-starch ( or rice meal, mixed with some spoons of cold water)
Stirr, until it gets thick.
Add some raped almonds and vanilla and sweeten with what you can use .
Eat hot or cold with fresh or cooked fruits.

I found some more basics, what is a bout a bread-recipe. Can you tolerate goats- or sheep milk? What about eggs??

See you later!

Cally said...

You're so clever, you know just the perfect recipe for me with ice-cream, it sounds delicious, THANK YOU.

As for the bread, I've kind of avoided bread because I have no self control, when it comes out of the oven I can't bear to wait for it to cool, I eat the whole lot, even worse, I SMOTHER it in butter because that is all Mr P has in his fridge (I used to by olive spreads, vegan margarine etc but I use so little it would go mouldy and have to go i the bin).

Goat cheese, eggs etc, I will have at other people's houses if they are already in the food, but I'm not meant to eat them so don't cook with them. But not to worry, I am so thrilled with that reicipe you've given me, I'll try sweetening it with different things to see how it changes the flavour. Maple syrup, elderflower cordial & apple juice are my favourite sweeteners for giving a distinctive flavour.

Now all we need is some summer weather to get me in the making mood. I only try new things when the sun is streaming in the window.

Ursula Achten said...

I'm a bit mind-weird, seems so: I've written down the recipe for sweet pudding...(but perhaps, if you freeze this, who knows..)..the one for ice-cream is even much easier. Send me your email-adress please and tomorrow afternoon you can start making ice-cream to blow away the clouds (pleeeeeeeeeease blow mine too!!)

Janet said...


I just stumbled across this blog and thought it might be of interest:

Anonymous said...

I believe this blog has all you are looking for, anyway, is worth to go and take a look, she has great tips and articles!

Petra Stu said...

Sarah's blog might be helpful to you too:

Cally said...

Thanks Bubamaca, just took a peak at Sarah's blog, looks good, will read more.

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