Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thunder in July Sky

Each photo taken on a different day July '07

So good to get some sunshine at last. The skies have been amazing, each day the dark part of the rain clouds will have a different hue, sometimes blue-ish, other times purpley or charcoal gray. As the clouds build every day (as the sun evaporates the soaked fields and hills) and eventually they crack with thunder and we get a downpour. Fortunately they are taking longer to reach critical mass each day so we are getting mostly dry mornings and when the sun comes through it is hot summer sun. Yesterday it only rained heavily 3 times and we saw another sunset. Beautiful.

Last night I even saw the moon! This may not sound unusual but the clouds always build by evening so I haven't seen the moon for over a month which I find astounding and freaky. I couldn't see all of it but it looked big and beautiful.


amisha said...

these photos are beautiful, cally... though i imagine how good it must have been to see the sun! we are still waiting through the rain here...

eb said...

what gorgeous pictures -
we have clouds
and a bit of rain
now in Vermont
after many heartbreakingly
beautiful days -

good for the Muse
good for the artist

xox - eb.

Todd Camplin said...

A 19th centry critic talked about how all the drama in a painting is in the sky. If he lived long enough to see photography, I think he include it in his critism. I think your photography is great with the sky drama.

Philip said...

I agree with Todd Camplin. It is strange but I have been thinking of doing a similar set of pictures where I live (and of the sea too). The sky and the sea are equal sources of inspiration for me. Great photos!

Susan Schwake said...

you take rain clouds and turn them into something beautiful!.
sunsets... not something to be taken for granted anymore by me!!!!

Todd Camplin said...

Thanks for the visit.

Francesca said...

sunny in london today, horray! not one rain break at wimbledon!

paula said...

hi Cally,

the weather might not be very sunny and I believe that you must be tired of rain and clouds but those images are just amazing. I love them!

have a wonderful weekend and hopefully it should be sunny. I'm keeping my fingers crossed ... otherwise I will have to send you a box full of sunshine :)


ps: I wanted to email you to reply to your comment left on my blog but don't have your email. would you mind sending it to me, please (

Vintage to Victorian said...

What amazing skies. Fine if you see them only once, but to have them constantly during what is supposed to be summer ... we have some blue sky again today and sun, so hopefully in England's south-west we're going to have a fine day.

Found you through your comment on Todd's blog. Will come back and read more another day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such dramatic weather Cally. Im glad the moon came out to see must be hard not seeing him for a month!!

:) i also want to write to you about the comment you left over at

EL PADRONE said...

Hi Cally,

Greetings from sunny (for a change) South Wales.

After seeing your comment on Todd Camplin's blog I couldn't resist the opportunity of being officially the 6th male to comment here !



Anonymous said...

Those skies are amazing. As a person who doesn't do well in the sun I would gladly trade you the hot, sunny weather for some of your skies. I do appreciate the warmth, because I don't generally live in a hot climate (Canada) but this summer has been particularly warm and sunny and I have to hide away indoors.

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