Saturday 7 July 2007

My Metalwork - bowl

'Mermaids purse' bowl (detail) 1993
(real shark eggs shown for scale)

'Mermaids purse' bowl filled with water
Approx 40cm across

I was looking out an old ceramics photo for Paula and I remembered I said ages ago I'd show a some mermaids purse (sharks egg) inspired metalwork of mine. Photo's are of out of focus photo's from years ago, not ideal but you can kind of see the shapes.

I still have this bowl. I love when themes I've been working with interconnect, eggs and pods, and the sharks egg is both in it's way. Then the aquatic element, and the fact that the common name, here at least, is mermaids purse, and mermaids are another of my themes.

I made this from scrap copper (and old hot water tank) with fused edges to add to the decayed feeling that I like in my work. I used the silver dust that people made when sawing their earrings to fuse onto the 3 bumps in the raised detail. Me and my 3's.

No thunder today! Lots of sun and rain in equal measure.


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, another week where our thoughts and actions are in sync. So nice to read this post and see this beautiful work of yours. Funny that I decided that my mission this last walk was to find a mermaids purse. Found about everything else including a pod of humpbacks gorging themselves in a feeding frenzy. I am happy to be on the computer again so to be reminded that we are sharing a life though always a few miles between. anna p

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, I've finally unveiled my little project, and have finally got enough sleep to go and catch up on other people's blogs. :)

And I'm glad you're posting a lot more too (not just images, but posts! ;D, so that must mean you're feeling better!)

Aaaah. Now I can be a friend to everyone again (I'm terrible at this, I know!).

Anonymous said...

I love the turquoise bowl, metalwork sounds incredibly difficult to me, but yours are stunning!

Marjojo said...

How weird and wonderful nature is! And the term mermaid's purse is so evocative and mysterious, had never heard of it but am now enamoured with it. Beautiful work of yours and somehow the blurry quality of the images adds to the mystery, gives it an almost hallucinative otherworldly quality.

amisha said...

cally, your metalwork is so beautiful and inspiring. love the colors and textures, and the aquatic themes... eggs + pods are so fascinating. it's amazing to see these natural forms translated into metal and the organic quality of your work. just gorgeous.

Ursula Achten said...

How beautiful to see more of your work. And I like it very much!!
Copper in all his shades is so beautiful!!

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