Monday 15 October 2007

Diana Fayt - Folklore show at Candystore

You've probably all read about Diana Fayt's new work already but I just saw it and had to post...

Diana Fayt: 'First Class', Folklore 2007

Diana Fayt: 'Comparative Indicator', Folklore 2007

You probably Diana Fayt's ceramics, now see her wonderful new illustrations for her show 'Folklore' at Candystore, San Fransisco on the 8th of November. See more of these beauties on her Flickr set.

Definitely a show I wish I could see, I am totally in love with these illustrations, the lines, the colours, the pattern and, of course, the fact that she has used old envelopes so each one has different handwriting, stamps and markings that really add to the beauty.

I love these the way I love Lisa Solomon's 'A Bed Dreams A Blue Doily Dream' & blue bed prints. Remember, Lisa has her 'over the river and through the woods' show on just now* at LittleBird Gallery (until 8th November), another must see had a lived a continent closer. I hope Diana does more of this work in future, they'd make gorgeous prints, cards or even a
Poketo wallet.

Diana Fayt: '
Do Not Bend', Folklore 2007

*Lisa, hope the opening was FUN xxx

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louloupink said...

Diana's Fayt's illustrations are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the introduction!


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