Saturday 13 October 2007

My work: the 4 day sketchbook

strange forms, from the 4 day sketchbook 1991
(accidentally cropped the bottom off)

Mr P has been great today enabling me to get a solid day of rest, and a few blog visits which was lovely. I think he was happy for me to stay in bed giving him free reign over my TV, 2 big football matches and 1 big rugby match. He was very content.

Even my mum was quite sweet when we went to visit my uncle together. As I shuffled like an arthritic pensioner, clasping my middle as if I didn't trust banks and had all my worldly goods stuffed in the top of huge high waisted knickers, she joked (kindly) that people around the hospital would think she was visiting me and taking me out for rehabilitation. It's nice when she's motherly, maybe what has happened with my uncle has softened her. Or simply made my health seem less like something to freak out about. Either way I hope it continues.

I got 2hrs sleep but have woken again. Luckily Mr P pulled the broadband cable through so I can read blogs from bed till sleep returns.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawings.
I really hope you are able to get more help from those around you. The change in attitude sounds like a good start, thinking of you. xox

Bibbi said...

Your old drawings are very fresh, I like them, they seem full of possibilities. Hope you get a lot of fun and inspiration online,

Anonymous said...

Your drawings are so lovely, much like your photos. I hope you will find a resurgence of energy soon.

Susan Schwake said...

ooh youknow how i love your drawings cally... these remind me of lady slipper pods which opened.

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