Monday 8 October 2007

My work: the 4 day sketchbook

Drawing from 'The 4 day sketchbook' 1991

I put this against a laptop keyboard for scale. This one was influenced by fishing nets and flowers, but not the daisies they wanted us to use, ha ha.

Today I broke my own slow walk record, it took me 3hrs to get to the shop and back with a proper 1/2 hr sit down in the middle (should take about 1/2hr normally). When my PHN* is this bad I try not to walk anywhere at all but we had no power all day so I had to get to the shop for some food that could be eaten without needing cooked as supplies had dwindled over the weekend. I'm glad it was a reasonably nice day, cold, but not too windy so Lucy didn't mind the slow pace and had a whale of a time investigating the smells in the hedgerows.

Mr P is going to get me a TENS machine tomorrow as they are selling them really cheaply in Lloyds Pharmacies. I've long wanted one for the Endometriosis but they were previously too expensive. I hear it is also good for nerve damage so I'm hoping it'll help my PHN, which can be really sore as the cold weather dictates more layers of clothing. Another friend who also has bad PHN said hers had also been flaring up viciously recently as the weather changed. I had never factored in the weather before but we've both noticed flare ups during spring and Autumn. Hence writing this here, to remind myself next year when I'm wondering why it's getting so bad, and that presumably it will settle.

*PHN - Postherpetic Neuralgia

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Anonymous said...

I love your 1991 sketchbook stuff, Cally. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Did your doc discover anything useful?

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