Saturday 1 December 2007

December already

This is Mr P's cat doing an impression of Marley sleeping on his own face. I think he was simply overcome by the speed at which the months are flying by. December already, scary. One minute it was May and then we blinked, got wet, had a little sunshine, blinked again and suddenly there are Christmas lights being switched on all over the place. Nice to hear that so many places are using solar powered lights this year.

I'd love to get some solar LED's for the tree in my garden but I'm not keen on the blue-ish light from the cheap LED's and the ones with the pure white light cost to much just now. Hopefully the prices will have dropped by next year. Speaking of energy saving light bulbs, I finally found somewhere that sells dimmable eco-bulbs and daylight (full spectrum) eco bulbs - Nigel's Eco Store.


heather smith jones said...

Hi Cally,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your very kind comments. I'd be honored to be in a post! Thank you!

You know what? I have a black cat and he sleeps this exact same way! We call it "smash face".

It's nice to meet you Cally!
take care,

Babelfish said...

You are forever inspiring with your eco-friendly tips :) Really can't believe it's Dec already, I guess partly because we didn't have much of a summer, oh well.

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