Sunday 16 December 2007

Would you believe it, more shadows...

Papercut in architects tracing paper 1991
Based on The 4 Day Sketchbook, again!

The one above was formed with bands of cuts and I liked the way the cuts blended with the shadows. Below is a different one, I'm gueessing from cartridge paper since the shadow seems well defined, but I'm not sure, it was all packed away after taking the photo's in October.

Papercut (1991) shadow on painting (2003)

I've not had the inclination or the light to take a
ny new pics of the old work so I'm stretching these out. Your probably thinking "If I see 1 more damn papercut with cell or honeycomb structures I'll..."

I've got some full on family duties for the next few days so I probably won't post before Wednesday evening. Fingers crossed I will return to my blog with some semblance of sanity, energy and will to go on, my family can be very tiring when seen in bulk!

I'm taking lots of paper snowflakes for the window of my Uncle's room. We don't know yet if he'll be allowed out for Christmas so I want it to be less hospital looking for 2 weeks. After that it's over to Argyll to decorate the house for my Granny and Uncle. It's become a tradition that I do their decorations, wrap present for their friends and relatives and listen to Chuchter Music on Radio Argyll while clearing out of date food from their cupboards and explaining the concepts of energy efficiency while we all bake in 35° heat (hotter in the kitchen where the Aga type range is).

Ha ha, I was checking if I had spelled Chuchter correctly and discovered there is a Scottish Wikipedia. Made me laugh. Enjoy yourselves until I return. Oh, by all means continue to enjoy yourselves after I return too :0)

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