Wednesday 12 December 2007

My metalwork - spooky fingers

Copper fingers, 1991

These look good when my hands are painted the same colour. The fingers flex a little. I appear only to have 5 left. I know one fell down a public toilet (oops!) at a fancy dress night at college on Halloween '91 but goodness knows what happened to the others over the years. Hey, just realised I got the dates wrong on my earlier posted work, I left textiles in '91 not '92 so most things should be dated one year earlier.

Been chugging out a few pre-drafted posts but wanted to tag onto this one to say thanks to everyone for your comments and emails. I seem to be getting quite a lot recently, esp emails, and though I don't have the energy just now to reply to them all but I really do enjoy hearing from you and appreciate every single one. Miss P, note for you in my comment for this post.


Cally said...

Miss P,
started a mail to you the other day but I find proper emails so much harder to do as they require real concentration, which I'm sadly short of.

Was sorry to read that things are rough. I was saying to someone else today that so many people have had a really horrible, horrible year in '07, myself included (worst of my life I'd say), but it makes me hope that '08 must surely be better, for all of us.

I hope 'you know who' lays of you a bit, not sure when you fly (if flying) back but I like the thought of you not being around that pressure at Christmas. Mr P super busy (up at 5.30am today but home 'early at 9.30pm, exhausted) but he will hopefully have time to do some emails time around Christmas) XXX

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweet sis, no I'll be staying in France for christmas and longer. Hooray! Sorry that this year has been so utterly awful for you babe. Let's hope that next year is different. I'm still not well. Seem to have been totally wiped out by whatever it is I have. But still, musn't complain as the latter part of this year has been pretty damn good for me compared to previous years. I just hope I can shrug this bad spell off soon. Lots of healing wishes/thoughts I send to you and of course love, Miss P xxxx

redredday said...

hey Cally, these fingertips are awesome! when i was little, my sister and i used to put these chinese checker pieces on our fingers, pretending to be witches or fanciful queens or something. it was fun. :). but yours are so much more cooler and sophisticated. i want them on my fingers toooooo.

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