Tuesday 25 March 2008

Blossom and mesh

Still snowing a bit here in Scotland but not lying on the ground. In fact, it is the strange polystyrene ball kind of snow we got once a year ago, which blows around like dust because it's so dry. Not the snowball making moist kind of snow we usually have in this country.

It was so lovely to be around lots of snow on the trip, but also lots and lots of sunshine. I took about 4000 photo's so my blog should be quite image filled for some time, even if I don't have the energy to get out now I'm back. I'm so grateful to my brother for taking me on this trip, I could never have afforded it myself, and I certainly couldn't have done what I did if I'd had to rely on public transport. I'm not big on cars but for special occasions I'm very happy to indulge. He's a self confessed gadget nerd and had a GPS thingy everywhere we went. He even brought blu tack to stick it to the window of the plane so he could see our height and speed at all times. The other day he sent me a link to a google map that shows where we went each day based on the GPS info. Geeky, but very nifty!

I'm finally passed the worst of the jet lag. I've yet to walk Lucy, L and Mr P have got that covered and I don't need to take her until Wednesday. My bones conked out on me a bit during the trip home so they've been getting full bed rest (well, sofa rest) over the long weekend, apart from a parental visit on Sunday. To ease them back to life I had my first walk out the house today since arriving home, they took a while to get working,
Mr P laughed because they weren't bending at the knee so I was walking like a 1950's robot. The arms weren't so good, but I don't need them to walk on my own and with Lucy I can loop the leash over my shoulder until they are less sore.

All things considered I'm pretty pleased with how I've been, I had expected a bigger crash on my return, but I think all the clear skies, healthful drinks (all green in colour and content) and the outrageously huge megadoses of supplements really helped. I have enough to last another couple of weeks. Hopefully by then Spring will have made a more permanent appearance here and that will make things easier on the muscles as the supplements run out... or maybe Mr P will win the lottery (he is trying) in which case he'd buy me a huge supply. Lets hope for both, Spring and supplements.


heather smith jones said...

Oh Cally you are amazing! 4000 photos! I can't wait to see them, truly.

Marjojo said...

I am so glad you managed to go on your trip and don't feel too debilitated by the aftermath. My brain is too slow to work out where you might have been, Canada, Iceland, Japan, wherever, I'm sure you've had a brilliant time just travelling and made splendid photos throughout although I can't see how you could have made 4000 - was there a direct connection between your eyes and the camera and a clicking finger?

angela said...

oh. the gentle contradictions of these two photos. contradictions, but perfect together.

i think those blossoms are the most beautiful shade of pink i have ever seen. it feels like yes, spring is going to keep her promise.

how are you cally?



Anonymous said...

Hi Cally,

Glad you're back and had alovely time- wherever it was!Since discovering your blog a few weeks ago I have had my eyes opened to'paper art' and now am finding great people everywhere!Have you seen Polly Verity's stuff?She's based in Edinburgh and yesterday I found a guy called Richard Sweeney, both really cool.Thanks for the inspiration,


Cally said...

hrsj & marjojo
i am like a woman posessed when on a holiday, it is such a rare treat i have to capture it all to inspire and delight me for years to come. my arms are aching from holding the camera all week but i have so many images to work with it was totally worth it.

i was loathe to leave the blossom, i took about 40 photo's before my brother said we had to go.
i'm tired but feel artistically refreshed by so much visual stimulation, my four walls had been getting me down but now i can look at my photographs and enjoy sunny memories.

glad you are enjoying the varied and wonderful world of paper creations. yes, i know polly's work well, she's so unique in what she does, i love the scale and the quirkiness. i love richard's pieces too, they are a vision of paper perfection.

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