Thursday 27 March 2008

Perfection & Imperfection

I love the imperfection of hand painted signage. The detail was lost in scaling down the dog sign, there are steamy squiggles coming off the dog poo, classic touch, I love it.

I equally love the initial impression of perfection in the bottom photo, all the clean crisp lines, yet close up the beautiful imperfection of the different bricks beneath the blue paint, the different heights of the flowers.

It crazy how much I love these kinds of blues with a touch of red, honestly, my mouth waters when I catch glimpses of this combination anywhere, but particularly if it features weathered paint as it so often did on holiday. Sun bleached reds, weathered blues and fresh whites were in abundance.

1 comment:

Stardust said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for leading me here. I went through your latest posts, and enjoyed my time here - just lovely! Plus, Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities : )

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