Tuesday 15 April 2008

Fabric Store

This place is has been around about 30 years I think. I didn't go in cause I was on a very tight budget, not to mention no room in my bags for swathes of fabric.

All weekend I've been too tired to do my blog.
I have lost my lovely dog walking assistant to the lure of the French Alps (ski holiday). More detail in comments section if you are so inclined.


Cally said...

Walking Lucy without a day off is really showing me just how much I've crashed since the holiday. Every step hurts, every breath is laboured. My neck feels like a rusty gate hinge that just won't turn without cracking.

I used to be really into yoga but problems with lifting my arms and with bursitis in my wrists stopped that. I decided to try again on those 2 sunny days last week (Spring has always been my 'get back into yoga' time of year) but even doing the most basic moves, very gently for 4 minutes has set of a whole new set of woes. It's pissing me off, quite frankly.

I reckon it's nearly 6 years since I was able to do yoga properly and I feel like if I can't manage this my body will seize up completely.

I would do Tia Chi again but I have forgotten how. Mr P started going to classes but never has the time to refresh my memory.

When I had M.E. at college I came up with my own exercise routine that helped a lot. It was a cross between Tai Chi, Yoga (standing poses), dance and aerobics. I would do it to music, any music (different beats and speeds added variety).

The main jist of it was that my feet remained planted on the floor for 90% of it. I could sway, twist, bend, wiggle etc. but because I wasn't lifting the legs very often I didn't tire so easily. I think I need to start doing that again, it was so good for giving gentle stretches to a fairly wide range of muscle groups. Why did I ever stop? It's free, it's easy and I don't have to leave home to do it. I will start today.

miss milki said...

I do Yoga Therapy in a class specially for people with M.E. Its lots of relaxation and breathing and only a little movement and restorative poses. Its amazing how the smallest little bit of movement can have such a profound effect - both good and bad! I usually feel pretty good after - but only if I listen to my body and stop when I get tired. My teacher is amazing, she shows us the most comfortable way to do things and encourages us to stop and take a break whenever its too much. I'd say about 80% of the class is spent lying down which is handy for me!! I wonder if you could find a similar class near you ? If not, I could scan in the take home sheets she gave us and e-mail them to you if you want. Dunno if they'll be much help because they're just little sketches to remind us what to do - but you're welcome to them if you want?

Cally said...

Miss Milki,
Thank you so much. Living out of town means classes are not an option around here, but I have been trying to get a copy of the 'Beat Fatigue with Yoga' DVD on Ebay. People keep out-bidding my meagre offers but I've only been trying for a month so I'll keep on it for a while longer. If I have no luck I'll get back to you about your lovely offer.

Maureen Reynolds said...

Hope you are feeling well enough to take care of yourself. It's hard when we know what would be best for us but the body and soul just doesn't have the wherewithall. Be well!

Dh and I spent a lovely long weekend in Santa Monica (his work) and ended up extending our time when the east coast had a blizzard. Woo hoo! It was WonDerFul.

lisa solomon said...

oh sweetie, i'm sorry you aren't feeling up to things... i hope lucy comes back from holiday soon so you can have your walks!

i remember lincoln fabrics... it's been so long since i've been there.... thanks for the trip down memory lane...

hugs to you friend

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