Tuesday 3 June 2008

Faces on brooches

Constantinos Kyriacou: Brooch, 2008

Inês Almeida: Brooch- Diálogos e monólogos 2 2004-2005
Wood, silver and coins (via Klimt02)

Fabrizio Tridenti: Brooch- F. Guelfi 2007 (via Klimt02)
Plastic, oxidized silver, paper, electric wire

Bettina Speckner: Brooches, 2007+2004

Eija Mustonen
: Brooch (via Hibernate)


mansuetude said...

love. the most fascinating! I see many things. gracias.

Camilla said...

Not to mention my lovely spooky doll face brooches ! Hmmm not really the same thing at all are they!

marie-louise said...

Brooches, it is nice with this small pictures. I like this post and it is very interesting with the links (specially Bettina Speckner)

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