Monday 16 June 2008

Solar charger & other power saving items

We had no power yesterday, the perfect day to enjoy the benefits of the new toy I bought (well, he had to pay!) for Mr P's birthday recently, a Solar Power Monkey eXplorer. I was really impressed with the quality and usefulness of my brother's regular Power Monkey when we were in LA, he was able to charge his phone, iPod, GPS and numerous other gadgets from it. The solar one, though much more expensive, has all the same attachments & adaptors, but can also charge from a pocket sized solar panel. He loves it, I love it! It's the best bit of kit for anyone who wants to be greener without giving up their gadgets because it works on lots of things.

Solar Power Monkey with lots of adapters and connectors

It's water resistant and the 'solar slave' will even work on cloudy days or beside incandesent house lights. Once you have charged the Monkey (by solar, mains or USB) just pop it in your pocket (genuine pocket size, unlike some lumpy ones that claim to be) and you have a charge ready even if you are up a hill or on a beach. Mr P uses it to charge his iPod, mobile phone and PDA - all for free.

There are lots of similar chargers on the market but the Power Monkey consistently gets the best reviews and least complaints in buyers feedback. If the connector you need isn't included there's a good chance you can buy o. Given their track record for quality, I am very eagerly anticipating the new Power Gorilla which is being developed to power laptops, and yes, there will be a Solar Gorilla, finally solar power for the laptop, no more guilt... if you can afford it (assuming it'll be much more expensive than the solar monkey).

Freeplay radio
Wonder Wash

My old wind up/solar radio used to be my favourite hand crank item, but I finally got my Wonder Wash (washing machine) last month on Ebay. It was touch and go, I noticed Ebay prices were suddenly rising and have since found it it's because the man that makes them is unwell and hasn't found anyone else to fill the orders yet. It uses no electricity and it's easy to collect the waste water for the garden on dry days or for the toilet cistern on rainy days.

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painted fish studio said...

wonderful timing... my sister just got married and the newly weds are planning a cross-country trip for 9 months. i've been thinking about getting them a solar charger, and i'm impressed with this brand. thanks!

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