Tuesday 17 June 2008

Blu - street wall animation

Oops, I said the Power Monkey was waterproof, but it's actually water resistant. Sorry.
No pics today, I keep getting an 'internal error' message. Hope to be fixed tomorrow. Until then, here is a link to an incredible, bigger than life size, on street animation by Blu. I first watched it with no sound, then in the last 30seconds I realised it was off and turned it on, but I preferred it silent since it made the visuals seems stronger. I found it via Simon Pascoe's lovely blog. So good to find a bloke's blog that I like as much as women's ones.

1 comment:

Feltbug said...

Hi Cally - long time:) I hope you are well. Thanks for the intro to Simon's blog - some cool stuff there. Be back soon love from Mandy xx

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