Saturday, 7 June 2008

Summer food memories

LA Dormobile (like the one we lived in years ago, but ours was yellow)

La Blues March 2008

Anna sent me in the direction of What the World Eats: Part II.
I'm always fascinated by how other people eat, particularly in other cultures or other countries. Of the 11 they show in Part II I'd opt for the diets of the families India, Guatemala and Turkey.

I'm pretty sure my time in Turkey was the healthiest time I ever had food-wise without making an effort. So much was organic purely because it was grown locally in gardens and people grew things suited to the soil and climate. Everything tasted like it should, not bland like supermarket food. You could taste the sunshine in the vegetables. I definitely think Mediterranean food is closest to what naturally suits my body.
At the time I struggled a bit with the cheeses, I didn't know about my lactose problem so I was still a cow's cheese lover and found goats cheese really sharp and unpalletable (though I forced it down out of politeness). Now I adore it (unless it smells or tastes fishy) and long for all those gorgeous meals my boyfriend's mum used to make full of her homemade goats cheese.

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