Sunday 23 October 2011

Frozen Planet - Amusing Penguin thief

I know I tend not to post video links but my brother sent me this chuckle worthy link of a Penguin stealing stones. Much more amusing than it sounds, mainly because of the way they walk and the shifty guilty way he looks around. I'm not sure if everyone will be able to view it because sometimes BBC things don't play everywhere. It was filmed as part of the new Frozen Planet series with David Attenborough which starts in the UK on Wednesday (26th Oct 9pm BBC1) which I'm sure will be great since the team they have are always dedicated to hanging around for months on end in the most extreme or uncomfortable conditions waiting for the best shots.

And since I'm linking to a bit of animal humour, Simon Tofield (who's first comedy animation several years ago, Cat Man Do, reminded me so much of Mr P's cat) has another one called Double Trouble which is spot on what is was like with the cats I cat sit for when a new kitten was introduced, including the bit where it goes under the rug.

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