Thursday, 28 September 2006

France in blues, Day 1

These were taken literally 15mins after we left teh airport, it was so sunny and gorgeous.
Mr.P plunged straight into the Med while I (not wanting to streak my fake tan before the wedding, so vain) wandered around taking photo's and just soaking up the warmth and the sights. More day 1 pics uploaded to my Flickr page last night.

I'm feeling super happy about the weather just now. Once again they told us we'd have a week of pretty non stop rain, but apart from occasional downpours (mostly in the evenings) we've had brilliant sunshine and really mild temperatures . It totally makes up for us missing spring this year, though that long bout of cold weather was a big incentive for me blogging so much, you can always tell it's cold outside if I'm posting more than 3 times a day, and warm if I'm posting only occasionally.


Anonymous said...

That photo with the bicycle is so pretty...really the end of summer image.

christine ann haynes said...

Oh lovely photos of what sounds like an equally lovely trip! Hugs!!

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