Wednesday 4 April 2007

Ethical Banking - greens not guns

Barbed wire or blossoms, which would you choose to see against a blue sky?

I liked both when I took the photo's a few weeks ago, and then I realised they were relevant to my 1st Sew Green post today, Ethical Banking.

It's basically about how your savings can make a real environmental/social difference by being in a bank that supports ethical investments (blossom) rather than being used to fund unethical sh*t like the arms trade (barbed wire).

I hope you'll link in for a read and hopefully it'll be food for thought (but not preachy) about what is happening with your money when it's not being used to buy that incredible can't-believe-no-one-else-has-spotted-this-yet piece of fabric in the charity shop.

Yes, you know where I'm coming from with that experience. You see, you lunge, you look round expecting someone to fight you for it, but then realise they couldn't give two hoots about some old retro rag. You head home with your swag bag feeling like you won the craft lottery.


Anonymous said...

Here's to all things green... here's to first posts... here's to blue skies.
see you, g
(And great to 'meet' you via your polaroid on Sew Green too.)

Camilla said...

I commented over there too, but I hope when you do your 'alternatives' post you mention credit unions- I can't sing their praises hight enough!

Robin said...

Hi Cally! Loved your post on Sew Green regarding ethical banking etc. I bank at a great credit union and appreciate their contributions to local community and ethical finances.

Thanks as well for remembering my blogiversary (and birthday) back in March. I haven't posted for quite a while, but still keep track of my favourites! Happy belated blogiversary to you as well!

Hope you are enjoying some spring sunshine out in your garden today!

Anonymous said...

I am too tired to read right now Cally, but your pictures are stunning as allways!!!
I am gong to sleep now next to my little son. My man is playing the piano in our bedroom...


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