Thursday 3 May 2007

Election Day

My May...

Hello folks, I'm still here! Sorry I've not been posting but really having to save my energies so I don't make myself really really sick. I struggle to keep up with comments and emails when I'm not well (though I love getting them, thank you all hugely). Last month I got nearly 1000 comments and emails in 3 weeks and trying to reply was taking all my time ate up entire, which is a bit scary when there is already so much non computer life piling up and needing attention.

So just now I'm hardly even blog reading, just using what oomph I have for job hunting, dog walking, seed sowing and dealing with 'real' life as best I can. Rest assured when I'm feeling better I'll be blogging up a storm, I have SO many half prepared posts for you that have been sitting on my other hard drive since March.

Fading flower spike on a tree, may be a Prunus?

But seriously folks, don't worry about me, no sympathy needed - this is just how my health is long term so I'm used to these dips, as long as I manage them properly, which involves being a bit of a recluse. I've learned to get good at finding the positive things in each day. I tell you what would be great though, as I'm not able to read my top 250 fave blogs (or even my top 10) it would be great to hear from any of you if you've done a post that you know I wouldn't want to miss out on.

So, back to this post, as I've actually done something interesting today it would be daft not to write it up...

Election day. Detail of Parliament fencing.

Carved lettering on Parliament wall.

Shadows outside the building.

I'm not a polital person but I do love election day, I always treat it like a holiday, especially if it's sunny. I've got Lucy to myself for 4 days so I took her along to vote early this morning. I feel so lucky that I can get to the polling station in the next village almost entirely off road. Lucy had great fun running through the fields.

Later, Mr P dropped us off in town so we walked round Salisbury Crags...

Then we had a mini picnic on the grassy semi-roof bit of the Scottish Parliament (such a democratic dog today) and then went round Arthur's Seat. With me not on top form it took us nearly 4hrs so we were pooped at the end and caught a bus home. She behaved perfectly and one schoolboy was in love with her by the time we got off.

Ok, that has pretty much wiped me out for the night, it'll be pictures not words again for a little while, except the days when I find my half drafted posts. Love to you all and for those in the UK have a great Bank Holiday weekend!


Janet said...


Another beautiful set of photographs. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit that there are things you simply can't do and that you need time for yourself. I have my own health issues and it took a long time for me to acknowledge something I perceived as weakness. The time you take for yourself is clearly so fruitful ~ and I am happy to see whatever you have to post! Cheers!

lisa solomon said...

big hugs cally. take all the time you need

amisha said...

hi cally,
such a beautiful set of photos... glad you had a good time on voting day! looks like it was lovely weather.
thinking of you... sending hugs... take care! xo

Anonymous said...

No words, and certainly no replies needed dearie. Just to know you're alright is enough for me :) I haven't been up to much, just t-boy's return from france, and me going off to another adventure. Tell you more soon!

Anonymous said...

Take your time Cally, many hugs xxxx

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