Wednesday 16 May 2007

Mr P's pics 2

Thanks folks for your comments yesterday. I was awake till 3am feeling mad about what happened, but I figured if I'm awake and sore anyway I may as well do a little blog reading. I popped over to local blogger Whoopdedoo for chuckles, shocks and craftiness from Sarah who alerted me to the fact that Mars confectionary is going to start using animal products!

I'm still trying to digest (pun intended) the fact that the crisps I really love as a treat contain several wheat and dairy products (which I have allergy/intolerance to). Even the ready salted ones have lactose in them. Crazy.

Mr P was pleased that you liked his photo's. He said he was going round thinking "what would Cally take a photo of?". He got it exactly right didn't he. Here are some more though these ones I've cropped from one large photo...


christine ann haynes said...

Please thank the Mr. for sharing these great photos with us all.

Hey missy ... HUGS!

lisa solomon said...

oh cally... i just read your last post. i am so sorry, but also glad that there are a few kind people left in the world.... big hugs and

yes these photos are lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I am quite disgusted by the actions of the woman in your previous post! But nothing like 2 kind deeds by others to restore your faith in humanity for sure! Thank you for leaving a lovely note on my blog--I'm still in Japan and that's why my replies are sluggish.

You take care now,


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