Sunday 27 May 2007

More rhododendrons

A trip away from the house yesterday. Not far, not for long, but we went in the car so by recent standards of confinement it felt like a foreign holiday. Even when out of the car I couldn't go far, but far enough to set up some photo's that would make me feel like I can still be creative and to put a bit of 'me' back into my blog.

My week of having Lucy to myself ended so it was nice to finally go somewhere with her her other than just outside the house (Mr P been wonderful about giving her walks). It will be very strange not to be woken at 5.30am by her enthusiastic arrival beside my face, usually with an old sock or pair of knickers in her mouth as a good morning 'gift', though by the end of the week I'd trained her not to do that.

It's 2.30am, I can't sleep cause I got all over excited when the Clustr counter said 446 people visited here yesterday! I still want to know who more of you are - go on folks, de-lurk for just wee minute, to satisfy my curiosity. Comment verification is still off so it's easy peasy to leave a quick hello.

Ooh, I can hear thunder outside, quite close. I love thunder and lightning. No rain yet.


Anonymous said...

Cally, how I miss you. How can I miss you if I don't even know you in real life? I have no idea. However, I did come close to a dairy man. Cheesy sour. That is all I can say. And I giggled. And thought of you...xxxo. V

Anonymous said...

Every day, such beautiful images. Thank you so much, Cally.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos, I love the picture of Lucy with her corsage :) Stat counters can be addictive!

Feltbug said...

Hello love :) I would be honoured to be part of your beautiful world xx

Anonymous said...

I'm one of your 446. I'm an avid reader and live on the island of Guernsey with my black lab who is also called Lucy. Although my poor girl doesn't have a nice pink coursage.

Cally said...

Sezz -
Thanks for stopping in, no link so I'll say 'Hi' here. I've always liked the look of Guernsey, esecially as somewhere to garden, oooh, you can grow so much more than in Scotland.

Hi to your Lucy too :0)

Ruth Singer said...

i'm still reading, though I lost you off my bloglines for ages and was too vague to realise that was why I hadn't read your blog for ages. Enjoying catching up!
take care

zelia said...

I've been reading your blog for quite a long time, it's one of my favorites. I'm really loving your photos lately. And I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so poorly. I hope that you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cally! Thanks for your kind words on my site. Now I have discovered yours which is just wonderful. I will be back to explore all your beautiful images. You also live in Scotland............ I will be coming to visit next year. My sister and her family live in Edinburgh.

Anonymous said...

The sound of thunder? No! The sound of all your fans running to keep up with you.You are the sunshine after the rain.
Always bringing joy even when you are in pain, we all root for you.

Cally said...

ha HA ha, you made me laugh, but no-one else knows why, though I'm sure they are making wild and innapropriate guesses. I miss you too!

It's you people that inspire me to make the effort, so thank you also.

Crust Station
It's true, I am addicted, that's partly why I'm still up at 3am, cause I'm wondering at what time it actually changes over to the next days stats! Sad, but true.

I do hope we can work together some time, even if it's from a distance or just through our blogs.

Just realised I replied to you further up.

Thanks for the message, your profil wouldn't let me link to you but I'd love to know where you live. UK, US, somewhere exotic?

Oh my goodness, will you be bringing any of your wonderful work when you come?! Will you be having an exhibition here? You really should, then I can come and see you in person with all your wondrous creations. I'd love that.

Oh my, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Lucy is so lovely, and don't those flowers just become her?! I have my own little photo assistant (lab x retriever) but he prefers to wear leaves - well he brings them in stuck to his tail and ears etc :)

Sandra Monat said...

Hi Cally thanks for commenting on our blog. Your feeling for pictures is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are feeling soon better again. All the best and greetings from Colonge/Germany.
Friederike! & Sandra

julie said...

its just old me popping in to say hello...lovely pics and so glad you got out.. xxx

Auntly H said...

Sorry about the lurking. I don't mean to be so secretive, I just don't seem able to find words to live up to your beautiful photos. That photo of Lucy is making me homesick. My Loyd is far, far away and it's four more weeks until I'll see him and his muddy paws again.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Loving your pics. The irony of the first is esp. appealing. And I really must adorn my dog immediately:-)

Susan Schwake said...

you just sing with summer here cally... and make me like my rhodys much more than before. ours are just starting to peek out.
back to the planting...

Camilla said...

Cally- thanks for you comment on my flickr page- I can't get into my flickr account, or my yahoo mail account at the moment, so if you want to email your address to me again that would rule: manukenkun at

comfies said...

hello! de-lurking! this photograph of lucy with the flowers is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!! looking forward to getting to know your blog more..i've only visited a couple times yet.

Janet said...

Oh! Lucy is such a good sport to pose so gracefully with her corsage. My dogs would have had them off in a jiff! As always...lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Knickers, Cally? Lucy brings you your knickers? That is just bizarre! It's refreshing to see a dog fetch cloth-y stuff without ripping them apart. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally - delurking!! I've been reading your blog for some time but I'm really bad with commenting! I love your photos esp. the surrounding countryside - very different from where I live in the south of Portugal. Wishing you a speedy recovery - hugs

Cally said...

I can imagine the little piles of debris he must bring home. Lucy came home with grass attached the other day - but horror of horrors, it was coming from her bottom! She eats a lot of grass when she has a sore tum.

Friederike! & Sandra
Oh thank you, and hello to you too from aa very wet Scotland today.

Hello old you. The word 'just' can never be applied to you, it's always great to have you here pod lover. I'm so much loving all your recent drawings you busy bee.

Auntly H
I'm just as guilty of not commenting on many blogs, thanks for popping your head out from behind the door. I bet Loyd's muddy paws will have that lovely warm doggy smell in them. I love to sniff dog paws.

Your dog would look lovely adorned in the flowers from the Villa Mandarine - that place looked idyllic.

They can be a bit overwhelming as a huge shrub can't they, but as indiviadual blooms they are such fun. I like to string the individual flowers together into garlands to hang from the ceiling. Even when they fade and dry up they still look good.
My email is being weird too, but I'll email to that address asap. Hope the intense prep is going well

Welcome! Always nice to meet new folks.

Corsage was unceremoniously shaken off a minute later! But at least she sat long enough for a photo.

She so cute when she does it, and never tears anything, though she does make it everything bit slimey - eugh. 2 problems though, she'll give anyone my knickers, and once she's got them in her mouth she's reluctant to let go until the excitement has passed, very embarassing if you have visitors.

Maria j.
Hey it's nice to know your there, I'm enjoying getting to know a little about you all and where you live. Mmm Portugal, all that good food and sunshine - nice. I hope your beautiful countryside doesn't suffer with drought this year. I worry a lot about the cork forests.

craftoholic said...

Hi Cally,
I'm delurking to say hello :-) I love your photographs, they're always beautiful whether it's of projects you've done or your surroundings. Take care.

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

stopping to say hello, you photos are lovely, such a wonderful blue... and the photo of lucy is so regal - i love it.

Cally said...

Steph & Stephanie S
Hi Stephs, nice to meet you both :0)
I'm so glad you like my photo's, it's nice to know other people like them cause I get some pretty weird looks from the locals when I'm taking them.

Stephanie S, the link wouldn't work so I don't know where you are from - near or far?

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