Saturday 26 May 2007

Pictures not words


Anonymous said...

I love that blue on peeling walls, the pink against it makes the pefect painting.

shula said...

Love your rhodie series.

Such beautiful colour combinations.

That's an almost perfect blue, in my book.

Anonymous said...

hi Cally! i was also one of the 446 who visited you yesterday and very much wanted to tell you how pretty these pictures were...but still kind of getting the hang of leaving comments without feeling too was very glad to hear from you!

i love how you saw the beauty in the peeling paint and added more loveliness to it with the flowers. and isn't that the most beautiful blue out there with the grey?

Cally said...

Hi gals
I tell you, it was hard to pick only a few for these posts, i took about 200!

Love that you are all getting the same feeling about the colours and textures as I was having at the time. Thanks has to go to MrP for sitting patiently in the car while I farted about with flowers :0)

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