Tuesday 8 May 2007

Great Show!

Ok here I am, me in real time because I nearly forgot to mention the great new show that
Susan has on at Art Stream right now. The last show was so good and I really wished I could have seen it in person. The new show has me feeling exactly the same. What's not to love when you put the work of Lisa Congdon, Penelope Dullaghan and Ashley Goldberg into one space. Perfect. Perfect until July 11th for anyone near Rochester, New Hampshire.

Not organic, not local - it's my one big weakness this month

And since I'm here, actually typing, I ought to type a bit. Been pet sitting in 3 households, hard work but the good kind of hard work, pets are so theraputic. The tough bit is trying get between houses in peace. So many people want to talk, especially if I have Lucy with me. I feel bad because a lot of them are nice but can't grasp/believe that chatting is actually painful and exhausting for me right now. People take that kind of thing really personally.

Mr P came home with Battenburg cake from his sister

Can I moan a bit, I feel I need to. Each person thinks that I must surely talk to them saying they'll only take 5 minutes. They forget that by the time I get back to the house I'll have passed 10-20 people who all want 5 (10, 15, 20) minutes. And this happens every time a go anywhere so I often end up exhausted before I've even reached the fields with Lucy. I've started going via the road, much duller and noiseir but less likely to be accosted by chatty neighbours.

Tasty treats from Daphne

Moan moan moan. Sorry. It's been a good day in other ways. Lucy and I got the bus to a nice woodland and had glorious sun and torrential hail, freaky but fun. My mum popped by for 20 (good) minutes to meet Lucy. Lucy was very taken with her. I'm really hoping to feel fit for a trip to my parents this month so that she can play with my their dogs while I help out in the garden (which will be opened to the public again in June as part of the Scotland's Gardens Scheme).


lisa solomon said...

you are allowed to moan all you want....

your photos are so lovely. and they all match [of course i love this]

hope you are feeling perkier!

Anonymous said...

ArtStream always put up the best shows, I wish I could be there too. Cally, I hope you feel better soon {sometimes a person just needs to be quiet and at peace}.

amisha said...

yes indeed, feel free to moan! it sounds rough to have to make small talk when you just need peace and quiet.
beautiful photos today!!

Susan Schwake said...

oh thank you dear cally to mention us at artstream! it is a fun show and helped me get the spring cleaning done over there. Now to do the home and gardening has officially begun!
your photos are lovely as usual and moaning is no problem here. i don't blame you a bit!

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