Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Scotland is so green

Details on St. Stephen's Street, Edinburgh

Thanks to everyone who has sent me links, ideas, recipes etc. I've got lots of fresh new inspiration and all I need now is a sunny day to start experimenting. It's one of my 'things', I can only be creative or try new recipes on beautiful clear sunny days. Yesterday we had four, yes four, small thunder & lightning bursts through the day, all before 6pm, and all accompanied by heavy rain. That might not sound much, but this close to the coast we usually only get 1 or 2 a year. We've had about 20 in the last week, mostly short though a few have been more impressive. Not creative cooking weather, though it is lovely to watch, all those dark clouds against tiny patches of white or blue sky.

Every day someone round here hopefully attempts a BBQ during the dry moments, so each time there is a downpour you see huge clouds of smoke coming from one of the gardens. On the subject of outdoor eating, Delphine posted one of the Minuscule Series Pique-Nique on her blog, I had never heard/seen these before and they were exactly the kind of gentle funny I was in the mood for. There are lots of them on You Tube. If you've not seen them they are comical little animations of the lives of insects in real life settings.

We are seeing more of the hill between showers
Scotland is greener than ever this July

Lucy finds an old path with no mud!

Couldn't fix my link problem from yesterday without retyping it (no way). But the links are there, they just don't show up highlighted. If you hover over the names or blogs I listed you can still link to them. Not sure if it will be the same today but I won't keep trying if doesn't work. Off out now while the sun is peeking through the clouds, the very very heavy dark gray clouds. I will be wearing my waterproof and anticipating wet legs again.

ps. will do more arty links when my mushy brain starts working again.


Pootlecat said...

Oh the shots of scotland make my heart ache! Hope all is well with you. I'm putting a password on my blog, so if you ever drop in, let me know your email address and I'll add you to the authorised readers! Take good care (and lots more great photos!)

Marraine said...

I'm happy you like it, Cally, I thought of your "green land" when I saw it at the first time!

Gina said...

And what lovely green it is!

Anonymous said...

Love that pique-nique clip, just perfect for the summer. The first two photos are beautiful, love the faded green.

paula said...

I like to watch thunderstorms. I still recall an impressive one I watched in the sea when I was little.
Lucy is so sweet.
I also have a dog ... his name is Lucas and he looks like a small milking cow (black and white) he is smaller than Lucy.

Susan Schwake said...

sigh, the storms.... my header does take a bit of thundercloud look to it. perhaps i will find something more sunshiney for these summer days.

it's been blowing in here, big clouds and rain are on their way. good for the garden ...

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