Thursday 4 October 2007

Theo Jansen - kinetic sculpture

Theo Jansen: Kinetic Sculpture
photo uploaded to Flickr by VotreX

It's a long time since something gave me such major goosebumps of inspiration and creative excitement as the amazing kinetic sculpture of Theo Jansen that I saw on You Tube recently. He combines so many things I love, kinetic sculpture, beaches, eco design, wind. And they have that beautiful structural quality that I've always loved in old wooden piers. Visual heaven.

Theo Jansen: Kinetic Sculpture
photo uploaded to Flickr by Iskandr

I saw
this short video first and was amazed. I also recommend this one, it's longer
(10mins) and describes some of the technical aspects like how they know when they reach water and so turn around and head the other way.

Theo Jansen: Animaris Percipierre
photo uploaded to Flickr by MarionRose

They are so beautiful to look at even when still, but to have made them move as well...
it's complex yet simple at the same time, he's a creative genius. Absolutely stunning. Visit Strandbeest to see more including more video clips, buy the DVD or, from 8th October, buy his new book which will include the DVD. The site also has several video clips.

Another good place to visit is the Strandbeestmovie weblog, full length film due next summer, I will have to be patient waiting for that. Courtesy of that site here is a photo of Theo himself...

Theo Jansen at work, via Stranbeestmovie
visit to see more photo's of work in progress
including this peaceful video clip, Ypenburg graveyard


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is totally amazing! I'm looking forward to get the DVD, maybe I'll even buy the book, thanks for the tip!

BaileyZimmerman said...

The sculptures are alive...I can feel them breathing.....
Thanks for the link..........

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