Saturday, 9 February 2008

Early 80's memories

Did anyone watch Ashes to Ashes (the follow-up to Life on Mars)? You can watch Ashes to Ashes online (within the next 5 days) on BBC iPlayer. As time passes your mind muddles and merges events and years, so it's nice to have them placed in order again. I chuckled when the girl came in with a can of TAB, I'd totally forgotten about that vile drink. I felt so grown up then, but I was only 9.

My life that year was totally centred around tree climbing, having adventures in the hills, making rafts to go on the River Tweed. I had no idea that one year later I'd be living in L.A. whizzing around in the hot sun in these skates, my love of red and white has lasted for decades.

I remember how amazed I was that the 1st girl I made friends with, once we settled in an apartment in Venice, was originally from Scotland. Her parents had moved to L.A. from Paisley when she and her sister were young. One of my Christmas presents this year was a copy of some of our old American photo's on CD. T
his one shows me with said friend, both standing on the right. The rest of the kids are my brother's classmates (which means this is probably 1983), my brother being the cross legged cutie at the front, look at that smile...

I just realised that I've been missing Around the World in 80 Gardens, also on BBC iPlayer for one week after each broadcast. I'd watch it now but I'm all caught up in Pride and Prejudice on BBC4, even though I already own it on DVD. You know how I love a good period drama, and this version is in my top 5.

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mansuetude said...

BBC in America is a bit different. they won't let me watch. :) Weird, they cut me off cause of where i live.

I was happy to learn about this, though.

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