Monday 11 February 2008

paper, pills and pests

A page from my papercut sketchbook 1991

You know on films when they have those machines that shoot tennis balls at, and they always go crazy and start shooting 100's of balls really fast? Well that's what February has been like so far. I'm trying to avoid getting hit too much, but it doesn't leave much time for blogging.

Not sure if I said but my brother is taking me on a trip for my birthday next month (details to follow) so I've been trying to get myself well enough to sustain some walking, though he is renting a car. I'm eating frech herbs from teh garden every day (mostly Thyme, I love thyme). I've splashed out on Mega-doses of all manner of supplements, vitamins, herbs, minerals, and all the weird and wonderful things in between.

I finally bought some new essential oils (I still have some from 1990!, though they are only used to make the vacuum smell nice now). I'd stopped taking Nelson's homoeopathic remedies because of the lactose but several sites say the amount is so small and so little reaches the stomach, that I'm probably ok to take them in short term bursts. The
alcohol in the liquid form is often made from wheat grain and though you can get water based ones online the postage makes them too costly for me.

Another detail from my papercut sketchbook 1991

And now a change of subject, garden pests. This is an alert to UK gardeners, check your plants!
I noticed my chives from last year put on a growth spurt in those 3 mild days. But then they started to collapse so yesterday I went to investigate... Greenfly!!! The wee buggers are at least 2 or 3 months early. The price we pay for not having a real winter anymore. 50% of the chives had them nestling in hard to see places. So you have been warned, if you have known hot spots for Aphids then it's worth checking now so they don't get out of hand before Spring has even arrived.


mansuetude said...

aphids? you're making me itcy!! :)

love your papercuts!

lisa solomon said...

oh i hate aphids. i love to spray them with hot chili oil. take that you sticky buggers!

i hope you are well enough to travel.
and oh how i LOVE LOVE your papercuts...

hugs friend

miss milki said...

That's exciting! I hope you get well enough to go away for your birthday. I have my fingers crossed for you!!!

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