Wednesday 13 February 2008

Today is better...

Today is better than yesterday. (more detail in my comments section)
Today I have dealt with the sadness of seeing ALL the cherry trees cut down in Nicholson Square. Apparently the Council complained that they only flowered once a year! Hello - most city trees don't even flower once, these were a joy to behold every May and I always took some photo's, even when they turned the area into a building site...

Falling on a car bonnet, May '06

1 corner of Nicholson Square's Cherry trees May '07
stealing the show despite skips and port-a-loos

Today I woke after having 4 hours solid sleep (that's good).
Today I got the last bottle that was missing from my ethical wonder pills collection (Viridian Multi Phytonutrient Complex).
Today... I rode my bike!

On a still, calm, dry day it is much less painful than walking. We just haven't had any days like that
since September, maybe even August. It's been such a wet and windy winter. But today was a true Spring day. It was pure joy to take Lucy to her favourite fields once more. They are only 10mins walk from home when I'm well, but just now it would take me 30mins to get there. On the bike it was about 7mins.

One of Lucy's favourite fields, June '07
we went to the flatter one behind the trees today

We had a few 'incidents' but on the whole she was pretty good at staying by my side and not toppling me over. When we got to the field it was so flat I was able to go fast with very little effort so she could really run run run beside me. A very beautiful sight. I was gasping for air after 5mins but so was Lucy so I felt no guilt about collapsing in the dry grassy hummocks to rest. She lay beside me and soaked in the hot sun, it was lovely! I've really needed a day like this. For 20 minutes, in that dry grass, away from cars and people, I felt like my old self. My natural states of being are either making things, or being out in the countryside with dogs. I have missed both but it's good to know that when there are more calm days I can go there again. Here is a taste of what's to come later in the year...

Elderflower buds, June '07

A vase of hedgerow flowers, June '07

Hedgerow flowers (detail), June '07


Cally said...

Today I didn't have to drink a litre of water and hold it in for over 2 hours before my ultrasound.

Today I am less stressed about being told I have polyps adding to my collection of Things That Hurt.

Today the site manager had sharp words with the kids that threw stones at my windows and tried to vandalise neighbour's bins and garage doors for hours last night. Not drunken teenagers, 8 and 9 year old girls! Fingers crossed the rest of the school holidays will be uneventful.

Catherine Chandler said...

Cally, I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I look forward to your posts every day! I can't remember where I found you...maybe through Etsy, maybe through another blog. I love your photo of the cherry blossoms on the car bonnet...that's so sad they cut them down! Cherry trees are one of the only things that brighten up our wet and grey springs here in Portland. They always make me smile. And, I absolutely love that stone wall! I'm glad you got to go for a ride today...I have had a fascination with Scotland since I was little...maybe because I'm part Scottish and English? Or maybe because some of the countryside I grew up with reminds me of what I've seen in pictures. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Catherine Chandler said...

Just read your comment....what rotten little kids! I say throw stones back :) just kidding. Although it might teach them a lesson! This, coming from a nanny.

Good thing about the ultrasound...I hate having to hold water in for ultrasounds! I am sorry about the addition to natural medicine, have you tried any visualisations or affirmations?

deedeen said...

Wow, such beautiful photos, you're really well and optimistic today, that's so great!!! I send you more sun from Switzerland, take care!

Anna said...

Naughty kids! When we were in Dalston back in January, some little (under-ten) boys ran up to us and popped a popper towards my face. It was slightly amazing, because if something similar happened in the animal kingdom, it would have been totally acceptable for the adult (me) to throttle the juvenile.

But I can't see that logic going over well with the court.

Cally said...

My goodness, how lovely of you to say that enjoy my blog. I laughed to have a nanny tell me to throw stones at them. I wanted to, I really wanted to. Whenever I post a picture of the Scottish countryside consider it dedicated to you and your roots :0)

Your sunshine will arrive n the morning, I can hardly wait. The nights are bitterly cold but the sun is wonderfully warm

I half wanted to set Lucy on them, but she'd just lick them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, I've been reading for a while now and really enjoy your blog. It's so sad about the trees being cut down. I know the spot exactly (I'm from edinburgh). Why do they have to do silly things like that? Blossom is one of the most beautiful sights. Your walk sounded lovely, it really lifts the spirit when the sun is shining.

Unknown said...

Glad you are having a better day.

It's very sad about Nicholson Square and seems even more ridiculous when the new plans include trees. I live by Harrison Park and am looking forward to the cherry blossoms coming out there.

Anonymous said...

Green with envy to hear about your bike ride!
Very sorry to hear about your polyps.
Totally in awe of your papercuts.
LIVID to hear about the trees in Nicholson Square. XL

Mary-Laure said...

Cherry blossoms! Lovely. It is one of my dreams to travel to Kyoto in Japan to see the cherry blossoms...
Take good care of your health, dear Cally. Maybe the spring will help your body become stronger.

Tay said...

It made me smile BIG to hear about your bike ride, Cally. You are in my thoughts often, as the fatigue from radiation kicks in bit by bit.


Ursula Achten said...

Cally, I learn a lot from it feels to be off any energy and how you're making the best of it.

And sunrays on a spring day ARE pure healing...for me, too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, I have taken a moment to rise from my sick bed as have a nasty bout of flu and raging temperatures. It is lovely to see some beautiful photos of calm and spring images from the cherry trees (how awful that they have been cut down - why are people allowed to do these things?). Anyway, glad to hear you have managed to get out with Lucy on the bike. Must get back to my bed now, hugs, Miss P xx

Andrea Tachezy said...

Hi Cally,
the flowers are wonderful, but more wonderful is to read, that you had a nice day and you feel a little bit better.And a bike ride with Lucy on your side, this sounds great. Hope there will be more and more days like this one!

Cally said...

Thank you ALL for your comments, I so much want to reply to you all individually but that is a bit beyond me just now. As always, I really enjoy reading all your words and thoughts. xxx

julie said...

Cally im so pleased you had this lovely sunny day - filling you with new energies - nothing better.
And the story of the trees is so outrageous!! What is it with these people? Beautiful picture of the car bonnet.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty gutted about those trees, too - a the very, very least they could have left them until they flowered this year, seeing as the whole place is covered in mud and scaffold and the development is moving slower than a snail - so far there is a path in the mud.

If you go further down, though, and turn between Farmfoods and the jewellery shop, there are some trees opposite the Bonsai restaurant, just before the Pleasance. When I lived on the Pleasance they were one of the best things in my life. I so want my own garden so i can have a blossom tree!

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