Wednesday 27 February 2008

Nasty Virus

Top: Honesty on a morning sky
Bottom: Lichen & frost on the water butt

The sun is shining!
The wind still blows but it is a nice fresh wind, one direction, no big gusts. I think it must still be gusty higher in the sky because all the tracks from the aeroplanes are wiggly, no straight lines, suggesting the wind keeps blowing them off course a little.

Today feels like a fresh start after a very disturbed week. Mr P caught the vomiting virus that has been going round the UK this winter. No-one likes being unwell, but he particularly hates it, more than anyone I know. Being laid so low it fell to me to do the looking after, which presented many logistical difficulties given my own ill health. I had my first trip to a supermarket in 3 months. He had to drive me (with a bucket at his feet!) and then had to wait an interminably long time while I did the tiny shopping that should have only taken 10mins. I think I took 1hr, clinging to the trolley like my life depended on it.

Thankfully he was off food so I was only buying herbal teas, some basics for myself and tins of chicken soup for when he felt able. I never knew there were so many kinds of tinned chicken soup! Ironically he'd decided to give up his favourite Covent Garden Chicken Soup (which was all gone, hence trip to the tins aisle), after watching the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Chicken Run series. Visit the Chicken Out website for more details. I liked that Mr P was planning to be more organic about his occasional chicken consumption (I'm vegetarian), but I couldn't find any organic chicken soup that day and neither of us were in any fit state to go searching the city. Sorry chickens.

The worst of the virus has passed and by some miracle (and obscene consumption of echinacea and vits) I managed to not catch it! It was touch and go, Mr P and I have always had very sympathetic guts. Every time his guts churned I would burp and my tummy would turn over. So much so that I couldn't sleep last night and feared the virus was upon me. But no. I find that whole thing so strange. He used to get problems with his belly when I had my really severe cramps.


mansuetude said...

i'm loving your photos--top is wonderful (and poetic title to it) ! :)

glad, so glad, you're well.

heather smith jones said...

ooh, I'm so sorry he's not feeling well, but glad to hear he's on the mend. I'm happy too you didn't catch it! Hooray for herbal tea and vitamins! And positive thinking :)

Ursula Achten said...

hehee, that's really strange and I'm happy you combined the story ( which nearly made me burp with sympathy, too) with thes stunning photos. Honesty, what a beautiful word! They're in my winter-bouquet of seedheads,too!

Cheers and get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Please give Mr P a big get-better soon hug and a kiss from me! Glad you haven't caught it too. Love Miss P xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh no! poor Mr P-hope he gets better soon)-I'm had a minor cold for a week, seems everyone is getting ill these days. Love that 'Chicken Run' is educational as well as a fun film to watch. Can you get food delivered by supermarkets over there?

Cally said...

He's improving daily. The Chicken Run I'm referring too is different from teh film, it's a series where HFW raises 2 barns of chickens, one in the standard way and one free range. Standard was so depressing. We can get supermarket deliveries but we needed food right that moment, we couldn't wait a day or we'd have passed out. I should have sent Lucy and the cat, they always expect us to shop for them, it's about time they shopped for us :)

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