Thursday 21 February 2008

No scary news

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I've been so sore and so distracted that I missed my own 2yr blog anniversary yesterday. I got a bit overwhelmed there and forgot about blogging, I was amazed to see so many comments when I returned tonight, thank you all!

Thanks especially to Liz who's text today that made me realise I'd not been back on the computer so people were wondering what news I had from the Doctor. After all that worry he told me nothing new, which was a big relief. In fact, he didn't even know why I was there! I had to tell him they'd called me to see him. He repeated what I'd been told on the day, looks like polyps, so on with the biopsy and possibly other unpleasantness. I don't like the sound of '
scraping the womb' eeugh, that makes my legs go wobbly.

One good thing about all this. As many of you know, Doctors like things they can see. Mine seemed so happy about having something visible to focus on that he reacted very well to my telling him I'd not been taking his pills. He accepted they'd done more harm than good and agreed to give up drug treatments. This is a HUGE relief!!! It was stressing me enormously.


Anonymous said...

So glad your doc is fine with giving up the drugs. I've done that before, too -- stopping treatment that seems worse than the original affliction -- and it always makes me feel guilty.

Do you know this site? Just found it recently and am finding it fascinating:

And -- only two years of blogging? Surely you've been around forever! Wish I still lived within visiting distance.

miss milki said...

I'm so glad you didn't get bad news... I was a bit worried when I didn't see you back blogging! Funny the bit where you said you were relieved he wasn't cross with you for stopping talking his pills. Its weird how we get so scared of what our doctors think isn't it! I'm totally scared of mine anyway! But in the end of the day we are the ones in charge of our own treatment, we pay them! I always forget that though and worry my doctor thinks I'm a cuckoo hippy girl when i say I want to try something the end of the day she hasn't come up with any better ideas! Thats my rant for the day!!! I do hope that scary sounding biopsy thing isn't too horrible...but keep us updated!

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Susan Schwake said...

happy blogoversary cally!and i feel for you! i went through this two octobers ago and it was difficult. on the other side now and so glad i went off the pills. it's hard and not pleasant and my thoughts are with you.

Francesca said...

that's a relief cally, it's a good feeling when you trust your instincts and make a decision like that.

just found a new doctor myself thank goodness. my old one was a bit too sarcastic...not the best quality for a doctor!

Modern Hairwork said...

Whew! Glad you did what was right for you...that is often half the battle! I'm sorry you have to go through the icky biopsy. Just for the record, I have a number of friends around our age who have had such polyps and they were completely benign. It still isn't fun, though. Best wishes!

mansuetude said...

me, too. There are lots of women who have had this done, and they are fine... cleaned! Peace.

heather smith jones said...

Cally, yes that makes my legs wobbly too. I'm happy you are able to be off the medicine and that there is no new scary news. Hooray!
I've been thinking about you this week.
Take care & have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, SO glad you didn't get bad news. Thinking of you, Miss P xx

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