Wednesday 19 October 2011

Sarah Anne Johnson - Arctic Wonderland

Sarah Anne Johnson - Explosion - 2011 (via Julie Saul Gallery)

Sarah Anne Johnson - Ripple - 2011 (via Julie Saul Gallery)

Sarah Anne Johnson - Dark Cloud - 2010 (via Julie Saul Gallery)

Sarah Anne Johnson is a Canadian Artist and these pieces are from her Arctic Wonderland series.
It's hard not to feel like winter is rushing up on us which is probably what is drawing my eye to artists depicting places I associate with snow. More gales and rain this week but with a colder edge turning the rain to sleet. Today it's 4c outside and the windchill is -1, brrrr, time for thermal undies (she said, as if she'd not been wearing them all year round anyway because they are comfy).


Karen said...

Very imaginative works of art. Oh, it is too soon for snow, but I know it's on the way. I'm just trying to hang on to summer, I guess. I love the thermal undies, too!

julie said...

Beautiful work. The sense of silence is so powerful in these works.

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