Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Autumn/Winter clothes

A change of colour.
I like blues in the summer.
I like darks in winter.

Apparently when I was a baby my mum always thought I suited black best, but didn't dare as people would think it was weird to dress a baby in black. But I do like black when the seasons change, and dark greys and rich autumnal reds (never scarlet for me), ochres, mossy greens etc. Such a Scottish lassie in the cold months.

When I went wandering with Daphne the other week she introduced me to a wee shop in Edinburgh called Troon that was SO out of my price range but had the most gorgeous coat by Bitte Kai Rand which, at £314 will NEVER be mine (sigh). Unfortunately the website doesn't show the great fastening on the front of this coat...

I also really liked this skirt. The quality of the design and the fabrics used were both excellent, hence the price tag. Kate, I don't suppose they have a Bitte Kai Rand seconds warehouse near Oslo do they? Perhaps not. In that case I'm off to take a pair of scissors to one of my old coats.

But don't let it be said I abandon my blue love affair, I like this bluey top, again, Bitte Kai Rand. And these
trousers from Anthropologie I bet they'd be really comfy and cosey with a winter lining added, and would look great with those olive wellies from recent post.

I just got a ping on my email, Design Sponge shop is now open with limited editions of Karin and Mav's work. 10% of each months Ad revenue will be donated to charity.

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Anonymous said...

Cally, how sumptious! Love the coat, and that rip and tear skirt looks fabulous. What will you be sewing for this fall???

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