Tuesday 24 October 2006

More Diwali

It's a long time since I posted a Self Portrait Tuesday pic isn't it, so this is me in one of my outfits for Diwali. I had a proper Sari but I was convinced I'd catch fire with so many candles so I wore this thrifted top instead. It was only £1 cause it has a big oily stain down the front, and something red, but the red sequined scarf hid all signs.

And I finally added the red flowers to that table display and took daylight shots. Will be adding the colourfest to flickr soon but need to set up a new flickr account for fancy dress and parties, fun!

The sugar consumption seems to have delayed my 'cycle' (never so subtley said in real life) and so my PMT continues on and on and on. Luckily yesterday was beautifully sunny so it really lifted my spirits. Rain coming today, I may try and sleep through it so I don't go mad and break things. And speaking of sleep, must get some now... Ciao lovely people.


lisa solomon said...

what a great combo of photos... and you have such a lovely smile!


lovely pictures & beautiful outfit, cally. :)

Robin said...

You and your table look wonderful, Cally! Love the red and aqua together!

Susan Schwake said...

love these colors and love the table lights. so so so pretty!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments ladies, you are so lovely and it's cheering up a heavy day. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...


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Cally said...

Hi Veronica,
That's definitely ok with me, thank you very much! I just had a quick look over at your site and I like what I see.

Thanks for letting me know about the link.

Anonymous said...

wow what a lovely smile you have! makes me want to go to the dentist immediately :D

really need to spend some time catching up with your blog cally!

Anonymous said...

sorry that sounded weird - i meant to say *I* need to spend some time catching up with it!!

Cally said...

I'm not hugely vain, but vain enough that I posted this flook pic where my smile looked good, and not the other 40 where it looked as it normally does!

Not to put myself down, it's a big smile, but it never looks this good in real life. I think the overconsumption of Baklava certainly added a twinkle to it.

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