Thursday 12 October 2006

Summer in Autumn

This is the sum total of my dwarf been harvest!
But they are very adorably tiny and white, I was thrilled, never expected that, you know how I love all things white. That is a standard sized elastic band that they fit inside, tiny!

It's very strange that harvest-wise the summer is over, but weather wise it really hasn't turned autumnal properly. It's been delightfully un-seasonally mild. My only worry is that it's October and the winds are here and starting to blow away some leaves, but the leaves haven't turned autumn colours yet.

So in the spirit of seasonal change, or lack thereof, I have been snapping Autumnal reds, golds and yellows around the house. Had no idea there were so many.

But... I just uploaded them to my Flickr account (been having Flicker breaks in between pulling down the ceiling panels) and Flickr says I've reached my limit and need to go Pro to show all my original pics. I'm devastated, I had no idea they would only show 200. I may have to abondon it and use the Yahoo photo site instead cause I can't possibly spend money on a pro account. Bah, so frustrating, and there aI thought I as being so good and finally adding lots to it.


Anonymous said...

I was bummed when I reached my limit too, but you can keep uploading and it will show the most current 200 pics and the rest are stored if you eventually upgrade. So, I, too hope to one day upgrade to a pro account and justify another bill. I love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

I thought I would never spend the money on a pro account.. and now I've been buying it for two years. You can't resist the flickr!

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