Thursday 12 October 2006

Orange and turquoise

I'm trying to decide on colours for my kitchen, I always have some variation on turquoise or 50's minty colours, usually fairly zingy. Since moving to this house I've wanted a more muted version of the lovely blues but held off because I didn't want the place to feel cold (remember, no heating for a few years), plus the kitchen is in the centre of the house, no direct windows though plenty of light.

Then I had the first new grapefruit of the seaon the other day. Of course most fruit can be had all year round these days but they don't taste so good out of season so I've not had one since late winter. I loved how it looked on my favourite cardigan (you can't imagine how much I love this cardi) and realised it was the answer to my kitchen dilemma.

I just need to warm up a grey blue (like the Mediterranean Sea on a hazy day) with zingy orange/yellow/gold, and I have plenty of retro lamps, bowls and fabrics to do that. If any of you have this colour combo already in your house I'd love to know if it feels good, and even better I'd love links to photo's of it.


lisa solomon said...

great color combo - love your photos!

Anonymous said...

my two faves together. gorgeous photos!

Cally said...

Thanks ladies,
I love it when these things come into my awareness while my camera is nearby and fully charged.

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