Wednesday 18 October 2006

Colder nights

The light fading on a chilly Edinburgh evening

But even the grey streets have bluey beauty

Monuments on a darkening sky

I can laugh now, but I wasn't laughing yesterday when I was trying to re-attach my kitchen ceiling. Having filled it with enormously generous layers of Thermafleece wool insulation I was naturally tackling alone the two person job of putting back the 6ft by 8ft panel. Unsurprisingly the weight on my hand caused a massive pain which I thought at the time was my wrist breaking (but it was just me aggravation my work induced Bursitis).

My hand recoiled
The panel bagan to fall
The prop posts (with nails in them) started to collapse towards me.
My good hand reached out to stop them...

Nothing was now holding up the ceiling.

I was stuck underneath it, keeping it just above me with my feet, for one hour until my wrist and hand had recovered enough to lift it off without causing further damage. Luckily nothing was seriously damaged, other than my enthusiasm for the work, but that was never really there anyway.

Thankfully I managed to get the panel up and will now have at least one clear space for friends to retreat to if it rains on my Diwali garden fire this weekend... but lets hope it doesn't rain, an October fire is such a delight. A delight for the Festival of Light, how perfect.

Now I need to find somewhere to hide the remaining insulation so I can get to my indoor pellet stove and free up seating space. Am I crazy? What sort of person entertains in a home like a building site? This person :0)


Ruth Singer said...

oh! you have my deepest sympathy. I don't know how you can sound so cheerful after such a ceiling nightmare!
I am contemplating a houseboat, which I suspect might involve episodes like yours today. It does make me wonder if it's a good idea....

Susan Schwake said...

what a dreadful happening... but honestly, it is the life of a rennovator and well, you are up to the task it seems! entertaining with friends is about enjoying those moments with those who care less about the insulation! have a wonderful time!

createacraft said...

I one had a wardrobe on my head.. so I can feel .. how you feel..
but you are a renovator.. it will be ok the second time..
and I am sure your friend will notice only the beauties you create.. not the missing decoration..
enjoy.. and get well soon with this.. bursitis..

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