Monday 9 October 2006

Surprise post

Feeling a bit under the weather with my neuralgia (post shingles) just now so not blogging after work, but had to thank Janet for these baby bunnies which came in the post... the 3 mini eggs that came with them never made it to the photo shoot, I wonder why ;0)

Thanks Janet, such a treat, I am owing you big postal goodness! I can't imagine how you got bunnies at this time of year, you must have connections, or maybe you're a secret hoarder? I've seen Lindt reindeer in the shops for Christmas already, I think that's what the bunnies are discussing in whispers in this photo, they are not impressed, they think it's a bit commercial and that only bunnies are the real deal. But lets face it, the reindeer are pretty cute too, and made of chocolate so who could dislike them, not me.

1 comment:

createacraft said...

funny bunnies..
nice surprise in the post is best.. enjoy..

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