Friday 15 February 2008

Tina Rose, the Acting Project Manager for Craftscotland at Collect has sent me these images and text on the work of Dierdre Nelson (thanks Tina). Dierdre is one of 13 Scottish artists who exhibited at Collect in January. I fist became aware of her work on her 2006 residency blog, and her later 2007 blog ( I collect thimbles so there was lots to like there).

During a residency in Australia textile artist Deirdre Nelson used the idea of a convict's love tokens, pierced coins left behind with loved ones, and pierced other objects, such as spoons, one of the few belongings convicts were allowed.

Deirdre Nelson: Liberty Spoons, plastic

'It is said that Blackwork embroidery was employed in order to disguise dirty fabrics and the bad hygiene of the Elizabethans.'

Inspired by this quote textile artist Dierdre Nelson created a hygiene kit for an Elizabethan for her exhibition ' The Dangers of Sewing and Knitting'.

Deirdre Nelson: Elizabethan hygiene kit and Elizabethan Nit Comb
found objects, linen stitched with silk and dental floss


lisa solomon said...

um yeah. you knew i'd like this.

how are you my friend??

mansuetude said...

i like this link to Deirdre, Cally... her work is full of interesting content and writing. Fascinated me.

mansuetude said...

thanks for fixing that! :)

hope you're well.

Unknown said...

Always beautiful and inspirational here. This work is amazing.

The images you have will invoke the memories of these wonderful trees for years to come and the short sightedness of the city to cut them down.

sending you thoughts of love and health.

julie said...

more beautful inspiratins!!
Hugs xxxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, also love the idea behind the hygiene kit. Thanks for sharing!

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