Wednesday 7 May 2008

22º c in the garden

Biplane over LA

Roadside plants, maybe wildflowers, as we drove through Malibu

Meanwhile back here in Scotland, it's 22ºc and it's not even lunchtime!
I got back on the bike today. First time in ages because my wrists and my balance were both bad for a few months there. I'm only doing 10 minutes by the house but it means I can give Lucy a really good fast run before the day heats up and then walk her more gently in late afternoon when it's cooling a little. Gave her a cold water rub soak when we got back because she was so hot from the run. She's outside drying off and completely fast asleep in the shade. I'm going to join her and do a bit more yoga. Mr P returns late tonight so I'll get my camera back for some Spring photo's.

I'm still not visiting blogs just now, I need to make the most of the sun to recharge my body after last year's non-summer. They say we will have a summer this year, but they said that last year. I'm taking no chances. There is rain due at the weekend so I'll do some blog reading then if I get the chance (Mr P may want to use my - ahem - I mean, his computer!). Happy days to you all. xxx


jill said...

mustard grass! :) really great when it covers a whole hillside....enjoy summer!

Jamie Welsh Watson said...

Hi Cally, I am just loving your double photo combos. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to check out more. I've been meaning to come here and thank you for visiting my blog. You had left the nicest note that made my day. That is really cool that you visited Cali after not being there for awhile, and it felt essentially the same after all that time. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I'll be back soon to visit! Jamie

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