Monday 5 May 2008

Tunnock's in the sky

I was watching 'In the Shadow of the Moon' recently and took some photo's of the TV screen. I can't believe I never noticed this before, it looks like the moon landings, or rather, the return landings, were sponsored by Tunnock's Teacakes! See for yourself...

Imagine a GIANT teacake floating towards you. I'm getting the munchies just thinking about it. Teacakes have even got a page on Wikipedia now. I'd love to see a Tunnock's parachute, I also think a Tunnock's hot air balloon would be quite in impressive sight.

* Update: for anyone who's not from the UK, here's what Wikipedia says about Teacakes:

Products similar to the Tunnock's Teacake include the "Mallowpuff" (sold in New Zealand by Griffins Foods Ltd), the Israeli winter confectionary krembo, the Whippet cookie and Viva Puff in Canada the Negerkuss in Germany (more politically correct: "Schaumkuss") and mallomars in the United States.


miss milki said...

Ha ha! Thats brilliant! :)

Great to hear you've worked out a yoga routine...I have to admit I've been neglecting mine...I'll have to make a resolution to get back to it. I actually have that Yoga to beat Fatigue is kinda ugly! It gets boring following a DVD anyway, I used it for a while but I find I can't really listen to what my own body needs if I'm just following the instructions.

I've just tagged you for a meme...hope you can do it...its fun! ;)

mansuetude said...

ha ha! imagine a giant tea cake floating towards you.
that is a first. :)

Unknown said...

Being American, I have absolutely no idea what a Tunnock Tea Cake tastes like, but boy do they look good! Great blog.

Susan Schwake said...

hello cally!
so long since i have had a moment to come by. oh the teacakes. yes, these are wonderful. i have had the schaumkuss, and of course here in the usa had the mallomars (less good, infact, blech!) but to think of them drifting down from above? pure art!
hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's hilarious!!! I haven't had a Tunnocks for years - I'm not sure if I can get them here in Aus - I must go hunting asap...
I've been lurking around this blog for a while - you have a great eye for beauty Cally - thanks for sharing it.

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