Wednesday 21 May 2008

Rain chain + reflection

LA Trip, March '08, Venice rainchain and light reflected onto a wall

I've not internet access until Tuesday so I'm scheduling photo's for each day I'm away.
I loved this rain chain, though I still can't get used to the fact that such things are now needed in LA. When we were kids proper rain was so rare in L . I can still remember Michelle, the girl at the end of our apartment block, coming out to see what we were all dancing and laughing about. When she walked into the torrential rain she was terrified and ran back into her apartment in tears! I never imagined someone could not have experienced rain. As homesick Scottish children we were squealing with delight.


jill said...

so THAT's what those are for! I sometimes miss the Texas downpours, too....but not much else!

cheers to you! and man, those leaf photos were beautiful!

mansuetude said...

i don't understand this idea of the rain chain.?? what do you (it) do?

Cally said...

It hangs from the horizontal gutter instead of a downpip, so the rain runs down it to the ground. They work best if they are sticking out from the house a bit because they splash on the walls a little if the rain is heavy.

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