Friday 23 May 2008

Mirrored glass

LA Trip, March '08, Building across from Paramount Studios
I love the reflections and the stonework

I've not internet access until Tuesday so I'm scheduling photo's for each day I'm away.

This building was beside Paramount Studios. We weren't going in for a tour, he just wanted a photo of himself by the sign. Of course, I had to take the photo, which involved standing on a street corner opposite the entrance/exit with a huge camera (he has good kit, big lenses etc) looking like some lone paparazzi who got the wrong day for a celebrity snapshot. We were there long enough to see George Lucas (I didn't know it was him, too busy trying to get a shot of my Brother) and Bill Paxton coming out. Another box ticked for 'things you must experience in LA'.

For me, the best part was when we needed to turn the car around and thought it would be easy to drive into the Paramount visitors parking lot, turn and come back out on the road we needed... but Bro got flummoxed and forgot to drive on the right. Even when the lady in the parking booth said "you can turn around and go out the right way" he still didn't realise until I squealed. It was very funny because it was in a safe place. Less funny was when he did the same thing doing a U turn on a a tight corner on a mountain pass and I nearly grabbed the wheel when he started to veer across to the left into what might have been oncoming traffic (blind corner). He was in a panic because he'd suddenly realised we were driving miles into the middle of no-where with an empty fuel tank!

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jill said...

I just love your fresh perspective on the kind of everyday california stuff I'm used to!

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