Saturday 17 May 2008

Sun through the leaves

New leaves in the garden 7th May

Hey Jill, Great to hear of your functional desires in the garden, that's very much where I'm at with my sunny border (and by border I mean 4 slabs lifted). For years it had a mix of fennel, flowers, jerusalem artichokes and shrubs. It always looked pretty good and bushy but since the neighbours shed was built it's now the only full sun area left so I'm keen to devote it to things I can eat like goji berries (seedlings finally popped up, they are minute), gooseberries, herbs and perhaps some beans against the wall.

I've not got catmint in this garden, it died in my old garden but may fare better in this one, or round at Mr P's, so thanks for the reminder. I also used to have lemon balm, such a great smell. I had so many mints in my old garden, they really liked it there, but many went astray or died (from neglect!) when I moved, pineapple mint was my favourite for scent though it always looked a bit straggly and small. I think now I only have peppermint, spearmint and Eau de Cologne mint all needed to be placed somewhere more permanent.


jill said...

stunning photos!!!


Ursula Achten said...

I'm sure, I already left a comment here, which has been munched of the slugs??
Had been something about the mint "walking" around all over the garden throughout the years....
And...Do you know, that you are a superbe photographer??

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