Thursday 22 May 2008


LA Trip, March '08

I have no internet access until Tuesday so I'm scheduling photo's for each day I'm away.
This has reminded me that I've not said how much I've enjoyed Chelsea Flower Show this year, lots of calm, restful, contemplative gardens that are what I feel I need just now (though I still love colourful flowers and less hard landscaped gardens).

Of the large show gardens I think I most loved Andy Sturgeon's Cancer Research Garden because it had that calm green planting and water that my mind needs just now but also the most fabulous sculptural 'thought wall' made from waxed steel. It was like an architectural version of my paper and felt hangings and looked amazing on such a huge scale.

I also liked the thinking behind Cleve West's garden for Bupa, the paths curve around everywhere because people with dementia don't like dead ends (I never knew that). I like the section where he has the large sculptural ball with the angelica plants nearby, I still have a gap where angelica is meant to go in my garden near the fennel, i want the yellowy green kind people know well, but also the gigas variety with the maroon coloured heads, I think they would both look wonderful with the soft fennel foliage.

As I hoped there were also more examples of green walls and green roofs.

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