Monday 2 October 2006

3 x winner!

I am always making fancy dress costumes for friends, and spend so long my own get neglected. Then when we go out the ones I made get prizes but mine never do. But yesterday I wasn't helping anyone else with a costume, I only had my own to do and I got the prize for best costume!

I know it's shallow but it really made me happy cause I make so much effort with these things but never get any credit, and sometimes it's nice to get credit, especially when that credit comes in the form of £100 in cash!!!!!!! I nearly passed out (though that could be because my Edward Scissorhands outfit is very very hot to wear). Prizes for such things are usually a box of chocs or a bottle of wine.

It really was my lucky night, I had already one some little toys in Pass the Parcel, then the Costume prize and then... 2nd prize in the raffle, £50 of vouchers for River Island - at last I can buy winter trousers which a) fit my new slimmer size and b) have a crotch on them. SO exciting, the crotch wore out on all my winter trousers about 3 years ago but I couldn't afford new ones so I've been wearing long jumpers and things to hide the embarrassing bits.

I've never been so lucky before and I feel with all the things going wrong with my house that I rally needed something like this. Plus I was in big debt after going to the wedding, so know I can afford to eat again. I mean, I love quinoa porridge and Ryvita with hummus and tomato, but it does not constitute a varied diet. I've been deeply wanting to buy aubergines and various squashes for roasting, and now I can, yey.

It's Blogger Monday so no point me trying to post images today, instead some links...

Lots of favourites are showing at ORIGIN

Karin Erksson (really like her new postcards, I want one of them just as much as I want more of her ceramics)
Kaz Roberstson her jewellery is so edible looking and colourful
Hannah Lamb Jewellery (see more of her work at Papa Stour)
John Dilnot mini books (I have one of the birds ones)
Cleo Mussi mosaic work
Cathy Miles quirky birds
Claire Coles ceramics with stitching
And of course, my ALL TIME favourites Grainne Morton (Jewellery) and Alison Willoughby (skirts) who's work I deeply want to have in my possession!

But also names that are new to me, looking at the site I was interested in...
The Sculpture category on the Kaori Tatebayashi site has lovely white shoes, clothing, spools and more
Gorgeous 'Floating Brooch' can be found when looking through the portfolio of Kayo Saito
Chunky red scarf and autumnal coloured knitted bags by Kate Mowson
Colourful Japanese inspired ceramics (which I thought were brooches when I first saw a photo) by Zeita Scott
Louise Turner flower bags are nifty.


Anonymous said...

I'm going along to Origin on Thursday evening and then again sometime in the second week. I can't wait, there'll be so many goodies to enjoy there! You've picked out some great designers here.

Ruth Singer said...

And me! I'm there too, hiding in the Springboard exhibition. That's really cheeky of me isn't it?? Sorry. I'm just excited!

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