Thursday 13 April 2006

Books, busts & carpet

I love this bookcase by Unal & Boler, found through one of my favourite sites MocoLoco.

Although quite 'designy' MocoLoco always have something to tempt me visually and often have items that have eco credentials. I love the hanging bookcase because it's so delicate looking and seems ideal for a mobile home where it's scary to attach heavy shelves, never mind add heavy books to them. And it looks very adaptable too, perfect for storing open topped boxes of my handmade cards (why I don't think I've shown before). I think it would make a stunning display at a trade fair or craft show if you had your products inside it hanging from a sturdy mobile clothes rail (which I have just waiting to be filled with things to sell).

Other delights on the site this week include this link to NearNearFuture's Flikr photoset of pics from Milan Design Week 2006. I liked this piece by Simona Baronti which is one of the few more crafty looking items...

and this Garden Carpet, made by Studio Ditte.

Doh *@% I just accidentally deleted the rest of this post! I had a lot more things but the sun has FINALLY come out here in Scotland so I'm just going to post this as is and then get myself off outside in the hunt for some organic growbags for my peppers. Even the wind has died down, yippeeeeeee. And if any of you are away today on Easter visits or weekends etc, or any kind of adventure, then have a lovely time.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am right here wih you for the weekend (assuming you are home for the weekend too:)! Enjoy that beautiful sunshine beautiful!!



I found your blog thru your flickr's site. I like your flickr's profile, it's pretty much like what I'm doing now, but I'm just at the begining of my journey, trying out everything that interests me. :)

Anyway, the garden carpet you mentioned is created by studio ditte. I made a post about them sometime ago.

I love your blog, I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

That bookcase is amazing!

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